• Georgette Silk hemmed by hand and made in Italy. Photography by Christine Williams features the wildflowers atop the Tuscan Hilltown: Cortona, Italy.

    Georgette Silk is thin, lightweight and has a sheer, translucent quality. This means it’s perfect to layer over other garments. Silk georgette drapes beautifully. It is flowing, graceful and soft, moving with the wearer and making them feel like a princess. Despite its feminine drape, and the ability to flatter any woman, silk georgette is actually very strong and durable, particularly when you compare it to other fabrics created from silk, such as silk chiffon.

    Either hand wash in cold water using a mild detergent, or head to your local dry cleaner and leaves it in their expert hands. If you do decide to do the former, it’s very important that you don’t stretch your silk georgette garment whilst washing and air dry it away from direct sunlight. At any rate you should keep silk georgette garments away from direct sunlight, as this can fade the brilliant colours that the fabric was previously infused with!

    Scarf Silk Flowers White

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    Special Thanks & Credits:
    Planning/Styling: Weddings by Silke
    Location: Villa Montanare, Cortona, Italy (Tuscany)

    Photography throughout site: Allen Tsai Photography, Diana Frohmueller, Lance Nicoll, Kylee Yee, Christine Clark, Anneli Marinovich, Lillikad Photography, Koman Fine Art Photography,

    Kenny Kim Photography

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