A suddenly brilliant idea while working at the silversmith’s bench. The pieces encompass an "then I had an inspiration” moment. They are unique, comprised of bright ideas, brilliant features, and revelations in creativity, inventiveness, innovation, ingenuity, and artistry. An expression in creative talent, defined by skill, genius, insight, vision, wit, finesse, flair, brilliance and sophistication.

Or maybe you would like to commission a DelBrenna design. A bespoke piece made just for you or a loved one in silver 925% or 18K gold. Feel free to email us:

Special Thanks & Credits:
Planning/Styling: Weddings by Silke
Location: Villa Montanare, Cortona, Italy (Tuscany)

Photography throughout site: Allen Tsai Photography, Diana Frohmueller, Lance Nicoll, Kylee Yee, Christine Clark, Anneli Marinovich, Lillikad Photography, Koman Fine Art Photography,

Kenny Kim Photography

© 2019 DelBrenna Tuscan Artisan LLC 

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