Once upon a time in Cortona, Italy a Tuscan entrepreneur making jewelry and a Kansas college student studying architecture met in Tuscany. DelBrenna would never be the same again! Now, sharing time between our Cortona and Kansas City Boutiques with family and friends - We are proud to be artisans, happy to own a small company, and very honored to continue heightening our passion for building DelBrenna with all of you! Here, we joyfully offer a little album with photos of our beautiful love story as it continues "Under the Tuscan and Kansan Sun"...

Followed by our DelBrenna story and timeline. Enjoy! ~Megan & Sebastian

Special Thanks & Credits: Kenny Kim Photography, Camera Chiara Photography,

Frances Mayes & Kathy McCabe PBS Special Dream of Italy


From an Italian Count in 1201, to your heart, today.

The story of DelBrenna is one of a family rich in Italian heritage. Giovanni DelBrenna, a Florentine, would deeply root a passion extending generations, by turning his hand to the delicate art of creating gioielli. That is, handcrafting jewelry of distinctive beauty, radiating joy for all those who possess it.

Given the noble title of Count in 1201, the family crest (today, the heart of the DelBrenna logo) evoked the romance of old world traditions and the dolce vita way of life of the early Florentine era in Tuscany. Building on this legacy, in 1974, Massimo (Sebastian’s father) would invent the technique used to build our signature, handmade chains. Back then, the company was a single workshop in Tuscany. From just a narrow studio, Massimo also created many of our finest designs still utilized today. The signature chain pays homage to the deep tradition of the family crest and the family name of Massimo’s wife. This family name, DelBrenna, would ultimately become the symbol of authenticity and quality for excellence in Italian craftsmanship.

In 2001 the innovative chain design was perfected, creating our first “collection.” Enhancing and expanding the design components, Sebastian (Massimo’s son), grew the foundational chain collection to four, distinct lines and began utilizing the chains for full collections of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, adding natural gemstones, Italian Coins and other unique, sculptural elements.

In 2003, Sebastian would meet his future wife (Megan) while she was studying architecture in Italy. Inspired by romance, together they would shape a vision to bring the Italian brand, DelBrenna, to the world. After marrying in 2006, in 2008, at the crossroads of travelers spanning 3,000 years, Sebastian and Megan opened their first boutique in the main square of Cortona, Piazza della Repubblica. Steeped in history, the DelBrenna boutique (later boutique(s) and showroom), would be a place for exploration, discovery, beauty, celebration and a sense of global community.

Today, open in Italy and the United States, from the beginning, DelBrenna set out to be a different kind of jeweler. One that not only celebrated jewelry and its own rich tradition, but also a feeling of connection.

Special Thanks & Credits: Juri deLuca Photography


Expect more than jewelry.

Every day, we go to work to do these simple things: cultivate, transform, share and protect the two things most precious to us - stewardship of the methods passed down to us that create meaningful and enduring artisanal jewelry; and, making the world a better place by bringing people together and sharing in the significant moments of their amazing life stories.

We’re not just passionate purveyors of gems, shimmering metals, and craftsmanship but the whole, complementary suite of rewarding experiences. We aspire to turn dreams of exquisite design and detail into lasting reality for our customers. It’s this purpose that drives us to achieve our vision for making a positive impact through exquisite craftsmanship, impeccable service and dedication to spreading joy.

How do we do that? By cultivating our legacy of artistic expression, hand-shaping silver, gold and stones, with fire and water, into a breathtaking jewels, sprinkled like magic and wonder throughout our boutiques, showrooms and the world. We make sure to look at everything we do through a harmonious lens of humanity – from our commitment to the highest quality to the ways we responsibly engage with our communities.

It’s not unusual to see people coming to DelBrenna to share, connect and rejoice. We’re a memory-maker, and a neighborhood gathering place, both essential parts of a rich life – and we couldn’t be happier about it. Get to know us and you’ll see: we are so much more.

Special Thanks & Credits: Kenny Kim Photography


Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement the greatest potential to spread joy and happiness while offering a memorable experience.


1201 The Family DelBrenna was given a noble title Gualtiero III was to become the first count in Lecce.

1308 The title was passed to Gualtiero VI the last count in Lecce. A guest of the Duke of Calabria Gualtiero VI traveled to Florence where he built his life and developed contacts with the florentine artisans of the gold district.

1944 Vanna & Attilio meet and wed in Lucignano, Tuscany. They will have a baby boy named Massimo

1949 Alda & Giovanni meet and wed, Gianna DelBrenna was born.

1974 Sebastian was born the same year his father opened his own independent workshop and invented the eventual, namesake DelBrenna chain methodology.

2001 The DelBrenna chain design is perfected, and the Signature line is born.

2003 Sebastian meets his future wife, and business partner, Megan.

2006 Megan and Sebastian marry, and together, heighten each other’s passion for building DelBrenna.

2008 Megan and Sebastian open their first shop in Cortona, Italy “DelBrenna: Bottega del Gioiello.” Located in the famous hill-town depicted in the novel “Under the Tuscan Sun” by Frances Mayes. Officially bringing DelBrenna to the world.

2009 DelBrenna launches its website.

2010 The second DelBrenna location is opened, “DelBrenna Emporium.” In the same year, DelBrenna launches another first, a USA-based trunk show tour.

2011 Frances Mayes and Debbie Travis meet the DelBrenna’s and begin rich collaborations.

2013 DelBrenna, enthusiastic about re-creating the quintessential, luxe shopping experience (entertaining all 5 senses for true memory-making), opens the DelBrenna Showroom in an ancient noble family’s palazzo cellar in the underground of Cortona.

2014 Vanguard designs and campaigns are launched, featuring: Under the Tuscan Sun Tours; DelBrenna scarves, magnum wine glasses, shoes, soaps and creams.

2015 Expansion of the first DelBrenna boutique in Cortona, and the first US flagship boutique opens in Newport Beach, California.

2017 After restructuring the family business, DelBrenna experiences its first, full- season with Sebastian and Megan as sole owners of the brand.

2018 The US flagship location for DelBrenna moves to Kansas City - Megan’s birthplace.

2019 In Cortona, DelBrenna expands its corporate offices, studio, wine tasting room and Showroom retail space.

Special Thanks & Credits:
Planning/Styling: Weddings by Silke
Location: Villa Montanare, Cortona, Italy (Tuscany)

Photography throughout site: Allen Tsai Photography, Diana Frohmueller, Lance Nicoll, Kylee Yee, Christine Clark, Anneli Marinovich, Lillikad Photography, Koman Fine Art Photography,

Kenny Kim Photography

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